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Aero-Condo Trailers

ICT and their Aero-Condo trailer conversions will make those long hauls a joy again.

If you are a truck driver and spend most of you time on the road, an Aero-Condo trailer conversion is just what you need. At Indiana Custom Trucks, LLC we are the premier suppliers of Aero-Condo trailers in the US. Whether you want an off-the-shelf Aero-Condo trailer or you want to transform your current rig to an Aero-Condo trailer specs, we can create any truck to be the ultimate home away from home.

An Aero-Condo trailer conversion is second to none when it comes to quality and luxury. Aero-Condo trailers conversions make for some of the nicest haulers in the business. With great looks and all the creature comforts of home, those long hauls will be well worth it at the end of the day.

Aero-Condo trailers feature everything you would expect in a luxury RV. Every Aero-Condo trailer conversion includes, but is not limited to large LCD screen TVs, complete entertainment systems, showers, full-size beds and so much more. With a Aero-Condo trailer conversion you can now be completely comfortable while you're out on the road.

ICT with their over two decades of experience, you will know you are getting a superior product with their Aero-Condo trailer conversions.

At Indiana Custom Trucks, our Aero-Condo trailer conversions have a quality and service that is unmatched. Our 20 years of experience and expertise goes into each and every one of our Aero-Condo trailer conversions, so when you get a Aero-Condo trailer conversion from ICT, you’ll know you are getting the best.



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