Alliance Truck Group service

Need to modify your existing sleeper cab? Want to dress up your rig with custom stainless trim work, deck plates or LED lights? Add a generator or no-idle solution? Whatever you want to do to your rig, we have the Service Department that can serve your needs. And we service all makes and models!

From preventative maintenance, to seasonal servicing, we can keep your rig in top performance condition. We also provide sleeper collision repair services.

From engineering, design, construction, and installation, we offer a one-stop custom service shop. Our professional staff guarantees you will be satisfied with the quality we offer. We will work on any sleeper, no matter who made it!

Who do we service?

We service all makes and models of sleepers: factory, Bentz, ARI, ICT… It doesn’t matter what kind of sleeper you have, we can work on it or freshen it up!

We also build expediter sleepers, 36″ to 300″ sleepers and any size in between.

We are proud to service all Double Eagle sleepers and accessories as well!

We build the sleeper you want to buy, not the sleeper we want to build.